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Individual bite splints successfully printing in 3D

By that training course you can start immediately producing successful splints in 3D printing.We show every step, from scanning, construction over printing to final adjustment and polishing. It’s like looking over my shoulder while I’m working.

  • Just apply the proven workflow
  •  Reliable material
  • Secure working procedures

 Get a direct competitive advantage


This course shows our own complete workflow including all materials, tools and settings.
The way we work. All major points, so you can start successful.
We use this course to train our own people and we want to share this knowledge and our experiences with you.

Since six months there is a resin for 3D printing that made it possible to produce without any returns.Maybe a little longer than since six months, but we got no returns since six months. 

We checked out the caves and builded bridges for secure production. In this course we show every trick and we placed a lot of value tips.

As additional you get a „Don’t forget list“ with the major points you should keep attention on. So you do not need to learn the same way we did. The path is set for you.

You can’t save more time than applying the content of this course.


We collected so many knowledge by many many trainings within over 30 years experience in dental technology. We want to share our know-how with you for little money. We know today that keeping the knoledge for us only, doesn’t bring more customers to us. 
Use our knowledge and be more successful with ease.

We show every step, which and how we use the different tools and materials. You also get a list of the applied products and their manufactors. We do not get any fee for that. If you buy this training video course you support our effort to produce more videos with very value content. We got a lot to share.

The honest and sincere production of training videos has many advantages:
  • we use them to train our people which saves lots of time at the beginning and later on to raise certainty with ease. 
  • You do not need additional time to instruct twice and more. 
  • If you want to become perfect you can watch the video so often you like or refresh your knowledge for one small payment only.
  • ​The last advantage: „if you teach, you learn”.
Yannik und Wolfgang vom Bade Zahntechnik Team
Jannick and Wolfgang Bade


We are more than convinced of our training. For this reason, we show you 100% transparently what you get. The training is built on one another and offers you direct insights into our working methods and the handling of the material.

MODULE 1: Achive and scanning procedure

Exocad archive. The used scanner is a high resolution scanner with fast scanning sequences for modell and articulator. Our best presettings.

MODULE 2: Construction and design of the individual splint

  • Benefit:Rules for offset settings.
  • ​Design for more patient comfort.
  • ​Functionell rules and design.

MODULE 3: Nesting“ with the composer of Asiga max and printing

  • How to get best result and maximum splints printed.
  • ​Nesting tips for Keysplint soft.
  • ​Our best printing parameter.

MODULE 4: Washing and light curing the printed object

  • Every step with all major tips.
  • ​All must not to do’s.

MODULE 5: Shaping, cutting and grinding the splint. Occlusal adjustment.

  • How do I cutt the material, use of tools.
  • ​Adjustment of the anterior guiding surfaces.
  • ​What do I have to look for.

MODULE 6: Polishing and final occlusal adjustment

  • Tools and material applications and tips.
  • ​How to get a perfect glaze.
Among us: The training is at least 4x.
But we go one step further.


Free Bonus #1: Don´t forget List ( 99 € Value)

We listet all major caves. The listing has an easy structure to catch the main points at a glance. The best is to print the list and take it to hand before producing every.

Free Bonus #2: Save research time with the tool list
(49 € Value)

In this must have list, we put all materials we used and shown in the videos. Additionally to each tool we listet the manufactorer to make it much more ease to order the tools you want to work with.

Free Bonus #3: Device List (49 € Value)

All the devices used in the videos would we buy again. These are sincere recommendations. We listed them for you.

Free Bonus #4: Advantages List  

Sometimes it’s hard to estimate if an investment will benefit. We put the advantages of this production system into a list made out of our experiences.

This is waiting for you if you secure
the training NOW:

FREE BONUS #1 - Don´t forget list
FREE BONUS #2 - Tool list
FREE BONUS #3 - Device List
FREE BONUS #4 - Advantages Liste
294 €
97 €
Bade Zahntechnik Training
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